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Paul Simon Autographed Guitar. Let's help 4 year old Cohen Daveluy beat cancer! Partial proceeds will go to benefit Cohen Daveluy and his family to help him with his fight against cancer.

Aretha Franklin Autographed Guitar. Let's help Becky Sutcliffe and her 10 year old son Gage, with her fight with endometrial cancer & lung cancer! Partial proceeds will go to benefit Becky and her son Gage!

Tim’s Inc. is proud to announce that we have collected
$71,850.00 in donations for
St. Jude Children‘s Research
Hospital In Memory of
Peter W. Chapulis.
Tim & mother Helen Chapulis
thank everyone for their
contributions in memory of
Peter W. Chapulis.

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Annual Father's Day Extravaganza Estates Auction Continuation Catalog - Click here to view items available

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E. Howard & Company Clocks & Pocket Watch Set Records at
Annual Father's Day Extravaganza Estates Auction, Saturday, June 20!

Rare E. Howard & Co. No. 13 Regulator Clock sold for $10,875
(including buyer's premium)

E. Howard & Co. Clocks were a favorite of auction day and sold in record numbers. The above is a very rare E. Howard & Co. E. Howard & Co., Boston, MA, all original No. 13 Regulator Clock. This is the first one we have had the privilege of selling in 36 years! This clock was attic stored and was sold just as was found, dust and all! Stored in the attic of a private home for many, many years was this spectacular clock! You never know what treasures can be just sitting in your own attic, waiting to be rediscovered, you never know what you can find in old trunks, boxes, suitcases, etc. It was an amazing auction full of attic finds, incuding coin hoards and collections that haven't been seen in many, many, years. Most families don't even realize the amount of vaue that was carefully put away and long since forgotten about. One vintage toy discovery lot brought close to $400 at auction, items packed away when the children grew up, and long forgotten!

Tim Chapulis says: Don't throw it away! Don't give it away! call him today and turn unwanted items into cash!

14kt Gold E. Howard & Co. Pocket Watch, with beautiful, original E. Howard Watch Co. wood box with label on inside sold for over $1,180.00 (including buyer's premium)

E. Howard & Co. No. 70 Regulator Clock sold for $1,875
(including buyer's premium)


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